Basic tools needed to start a flower garden


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Starting a flower garden can be a daunting task, with so many things to think about and all kinds of tools and accessories to buy to ensure that it is properly maintained and that the plants survive for as long as possible. In reality, though, it isn’t actually that complicated, and all you need is time, dedication and a few basic tools to get started.

You will also need to plan ahead and make sure that you have plenty of room for the flower garden to grow, as well as somewhere to store everything you need for it. If you don’t have one already, most garden centres sell cheap sheds for garden tools, so you can pick one up when you are shopping for everything else you need. Do some research into the best type of shed for your garden, taking into account height, available space and just how much storage you actually require.
What you’ll need – the basics for beginners:

1) A garden rake

You will need a rake to smooth the surface of the ground on which you plant the flowers, as trying to do it with your hands can be ruinous. A rake will be especially essential during the spring when there are leaves everywhere, and while they may be aesthetically pleasing, they can get in the way of gardening.

2) Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow will allow you to transport bags of heavy soil and other necessary items with ease, and will reduce the chance of any injuries or accidents.

3) Watering can

An obvious one, but easy to forget. You will need to water your plants regularly, and though you can always use a cup or bottle of water to do this, it is easy to over water them via these methods, which can cause them to die; while watering cans are specially designed for the purpose.

4) Shovel and spade

Needed to dig planting holes and soil.

5) Thick protective gloves

Gardening gloves are not a necessity, however they are recommended if you want to avoid getting your hands dirty or hurting yourself at any point in the process.

6) Pruning shears

These will help you maintain your plants, cut off any dead bits and also get rid of anything that interferes with your flower garden, such as weeds, without harming the rest of the plants.

There are lots of other things to decide on before you start and as you go along; for example, what kind of flowers you want to grow, how you want to display and order them, and so on. With right planning, and with this guide, you will no doubt find the process an enjoyable, and not least rewarding, one.

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