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Gardenia is a charming shrub of family Rubiaceae, native of South-East China and Japan were is moderate temperature and high constant moisture.

Gardenia description

Gardenia is, as we said before, a very appreciated shrub, 1- 2,5 meters weight, bushy and with a slow growing. Its leaves are dark healthy green, glace and having between 5 and 10 centimeters (for potted plant). Gardenia’s flowers are most loved because of their perfume very alike jasmine’s flavor. They are white or light cream colored and seam to be waxen. Gardenia has oval orange fruits, not very decorating elements.


Gardenia flowering

Gardenia flowers in the middle of spring or the beginning of summer and this process will last some and we can admire the flowers for a long period because they don’t bloom all at once. But the plant requires special care during the flowering period. Very important are the light and especially temperature (it has to be 15-18 degrees at night and 22-25 degrees during the day). Any sudden temperature variation could be a real damage for its precious flowers. We have to point out that, when Gardenia buds, you are no more allowed to remove the pot or to break its dead leaves or clean.

Gardenia growing

Gardenia’s requirements and needs are very specific and you have to defer to them if you want to insure that your plant will continue to bloom next year too.
It loves full light and full sun too, but not in the summer, when is good to keep it with some shading. If you have a potted plant grown indoors, you must avoid the direct hot sun, just allow it only to get bright light. It’s appropriate to put the pot at the window towards south.
Gardenia is a plant that needs moisture and especially humidity to do well. It doesn’t bear the dried air, so put near the potted Gardenia a plate full of water to maintain the proper humidity. It’s also good for it to sprinkle the leaves, never its buds, because they will fall down. High humidity will also prevent the red spider infestation.
During hot period water more your Gardenia, keeping the soil always moist, especially in blooming. That will help buds to continue their flowering process and not to fall and also not to fail to form. Water it from above to downward, we mean to water the soil, never put water in its pot plate. But, don’t over water the plant. We said that you have to maintain the soil moist, but never soggy, because that will also affect Gardenia.


Gardenia needs an acid soil with a pH between 5 and 6, containing peat moss and compost. The perfect soil has to be a mix of organic elements (peat, pine needles, moss sphagnum, pine crumbled bark) that insure the porosity for a good water retention and some inactive materials (rubble without limestone, pearl stone) that help the drainage. Add above some pine needles too to keep the humidity in a high level.
The pot for your Gardenia is good to be from a proper material even plastic, so the water never will undergo.
Don’t forget to fertilize Gardenia. Feed the plant every three weeks during the growing season with a rhododendron-azalea food, or acidifying fertilizer.


Gardenia multiplication

You can propagate your Gardenia through cuttings, in February, but you can also obtain it through roots’ partition, but only when temperature range is at 27 degrees centigrade.

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2 Responses to “Gardenia”

  1. 1 swucci

    I currently have 2 gardenia plants inside a large sun room that is off our kitchen. It has floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides and these windows face the north and west.My gardenia plants are Miami Supreme and Aimee Yashioka. I have them set up where they can get the most light in the sun room. I also have a
    4-humidifier placed between the 2 plants and it runs every day until it is empty- about 10 hours. I have a fan that runs occasionally. One plant is 2 feet tall and the other is over 4 feet tall. On each plant I have positioned 3 lights that go on from 3:30 pm until 2:00 am every day since late September. These lights are: (2) 75 watt plant lights and (1) 100 watt compact daylight florescent light. The temp in the room is about upper 60’s during the day-maybe 70, and at night it is between 58-60 degrees.
    At this point, each plant is loaded with buds! The Miami Supreme bloomed 1 flower 2 days ago and it is beautiful. However, the Aimee Yashioka, I have never seen bloom yet, yet it has at least 20 buds on it. Some of these buds have been forming since before Thanksgiving.The plant looks healthy. Are they getting enough of light to make the blooms open? The Miami Supreme opened, but not the Aimee. Should I change anything?
    I have also noticed that many leaves have brown crusty dried up spots on the leaves. It looks like the leaf is totally dead on those spots. This is happening to leaves that are far away from the lights and some that are close. It doesn’t look like any fungus or mildew as I use to grow roses and I know what that looks like.
    Any suggestions? I guess I should be blessed just that they are getting through the winter. But with all these blooms, I want them to open. I water each plant about once a week with about 1 quart of water. About 3 weeks ago, I fertilized with a slow release fertilizer. Yesterday, I gave them some chelated iron, bloodmeal, as well as miracid fertilizer. Any suggestions???
    Milford, CT

  2. 2 evashah

    I have gardenia’s as houseplants. I was curious as to what you would suggest would be the right amount of light for my gardenia’s? Also which variety of gardenia is the most fragrant?

    – Eva S.
    Blog: http://homeplants.blogspot.com

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