How to make your Christmas decorations all by yourself


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The Christmas flowers and arrangements have got a special connecting role to the Christmas celebration. The flowers allays say something, especially Christmas flowers which say the most touching greetings, sending off warm feelings, fondness, love and generosity, because Christmas means gifts, luminosity, embraces, peace and a new beginning.

There are many types of Christmas arrangement: Christmas tree, Christmas table arrangement, Christmas coronet for entrance, doors or tables, Christmas candles arrangement, Christmas arch, candle natural holder etc.

You can buy some special arrangements from the flower shops or you can make them by yourself. It’s a special moment, it’s not difficult and we guarantee that you’ll love it. This would be a reason to join the family and to give a beautiful activity to your children.

There are as many Christmas arrangements as imagination is.

We present you one of the most easy to make. It’s a specific red-green Christmas arrangement:

Chose a ceramic vase or any vase you want. If the arrangement is a height one, the vase has to be profound, for its stability. For a horizontal flower arrangement you can use a floral dish.

  • Use a floral foam purchased from a flower shop. You can moderate it in accordance with the vase dimension, using a knife (to make easier your work, you’ll round off the foam borders). Don’t forget to water it, so the flowers and plants will maintain fresh for a long time. Also you have to water the foam once at 2 days, to keep it long. There is a trick to prolong your rose’s arrangement life: put some lemon drops in the water and than water the foam.

You’ll need 15 red roses. Cut every rose in a very sharp angle, leave a stem that has from 5 to 10 inches. Stick the roses in the floral foam in five sequences by threes.

  • Surround the roses with ivy leaves and small branches of pine, covering the foam.
  • You can also assort a red ribbon (surrounding the entire arrangement, letting its ends to flowing free over the table) and a green or golden candle put in the centre.

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[...] A Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions in the world associated with the celebration of Christmas. It is normally an evergreenconiferous tree that is brought into a home or used in the open, and is decorated with Christmas lights and colourful ornaments during the days around Christmas.Traditionally, Christmas trees were not brought in and decorated until Christmas Eve (24 December), and then removed the day after twelfth night (6 January); to have a tree up before or after these dates was even considered bad luck and even a sin. Modern commercialisation of Christmas has however resulted in trees being put up much earlier; in shops often as early as late October. A common tradition in U.S. homes is to put the tree up right after Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November) and to take it down right after the New Year. However, some households in the U.S. do not put up the tree until the second week of December, and leave it up until the 6th of January (Epiphany). In Germany, Catholics take their Christmas trees down by the 2nd of February. In Australia, the Christmas tree is usually put up on the 1st of December, which occurs about a week before the school summer holidays. Artificial trees [...]

[...] It’s Christmas time! For a successful fete, you need to open your mind, to relax and be happy! You can also transform your Christmas tree and arrangements in some real peaces of art! This will rejoice your quests. Here come some advices for you to assort a Feng shui style to the Christmas celebration. •    Feng Shui philosophy recommends you to use a lot of green. The green of the Christmas tree or plants (Christmas flower, mistletoe) is a relaxing color and it will inspire o peace, calm, pleasant state of mind, incurring all the bad energies produced by the color agglomeration and the warmth. Don’t use too much red to decorate your house for Christmas, because it’s considered the fire power and it’s not good for your estate. •    The Christmas angel figurines create a happy story world and inspire good feelings. So use them to decorate your house.•    Get together your family members to decorate the Christmas tree, to create a special moment and to entail the good energies of the ritual.•    Feng Shui means equilibrium. Therefore don’t you overcrowd the air with too many colors. Put some Christmas carols.•    The Christmas table has to be a round one. This suggests equality and intimacy, for the conversation to be opened.•    Put some candle on the table. This will increase the energy and the good feelings.Decorate Your Christmas tree in Feng Shui colorsGolden and silvery colors- The presence of the Christmas tree such colored will be a reason for a large and opened mind conversation, because those colors represent money, power and fame.Red is the color of the life. Though the red arrangements inspire love and passion, too much red in your Christmas tree will be tiresome, because Feng Shui culture considers that red is full of energy. We recommend you to avoid this powerful color for a Feng Shui Christmas celebration.Blue is the symbol of the spirit. It means God faith, trust and fidelity. It’s important for the Feng Shui air to add some blue in your Christmas arrangement, because is a soothing and cool color. It’s the metal color. And, for who doesn’t know, the metal is one of the five elements that compose the Feng Shui creation cycle: the water feeds and gives birth to the wood, that starts the fire which produces the ash and the last one goes to earth. From earth here comes the mountain that contains metal to extract and from the mountain the water flows.Feng Fhui art suggests you not to use white as the only color of the Christmas arrangements. It is the color of the purity, naivety and morality, but it’s not recommended. The white Christmas tree produces monotony, so it’s not proper for a festivity. Pink colored Christmas tree represents the pleasure to exist and be surrounded by the people you love. The pink also has curing power.A multicolor Christmas tree is charming and appropriate to the Feng Shui art too, only if there are those colors that complete the Chinese cycle: yellow and red (fire), blue (water), brown and green (wood), golden and silvery (metal). [...]

[...]  For this Christmas arrangement you’ll just need common sense and imagination and some Christmas elements: a vase, earth or a floral foam, pine branches and globes. You can choose any colored small vase, assorted to the decorations above. Fill it of earth or floral foam. If you want your arrangement to be flowing, you have to use the floral foam and let it exceeding the vase (don’t you forget to use a substance to paste the foam with the vases bottom, for its stability); then stick the branches in the floral foam turning them downwards. Put the pine branches in accordance with the vase seize and your wanted arrangement and imagination. Then decorate it with globes, golden or red or blue colored. It’s easy to make and very relaxing and it’s a real patch on the Christmas table.  [...]

[...] If you use ribbon for your decoration, it has to contour the box’s lines. For a quadratic present box, make a little bow in the centre of it. If the box or simply the present has a rectangular shape, the arrangement or the bow is good to be placed in the left or right side, but not in centre, for a better present’s outline. Assort the ribbon’s color, material, dimension to the entire present. [...]

[...] 2. This is a fresh flower arrangement for your happy Christmas table. You need a glass bowl, 5 red roses, 5-7 lemon slices, pine branches, 4-5 stems of sweet briar, one orange pliable wrapping paper, soil, wires and a strait ribbon. It’s easy to made, but you have to prepare the lemon slice about two weeks before you start to make the Christmas arrangement. Cut the lemon to obtain slices of 1 centimeter width. Then let them dry on a hot surface. The drown lemon slices will be varnished using a hairbrush. In this form, these fresh elements will decorate your special Christmas arrangement. You can also use the drown and varnished lemon slices to garnish your Christmas tree or any other arrangements. Fill a glass with soil or floral foam and water it. Then stick the pine branches without covering the bowl, but giving a round aspect to the arrangement. Put one rose in the centre and the other 4 roses corresponding to the four sides of the bowl. The sweet briar has to be put above through roses, as a quantity contrast. It could mean the family’s joining: children and parents and the rolled paper signify the Santa Claus’s gifts. The last ones and the lemon slices too are wired and the stick in the floral foam. These represent the freshness the happy to be rounded by the entire family. Don’t you deny yourself a special moment, a sweet, happy and relaxing one. [...]

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