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First, you have to mind it, you have to take the advantages and balance them with the disadvantages, which are many than the first ones. Is important for you to make something that you like and you are prepared for. Thus you can interweave the practical and the pleasant things. And when you are financial disappointed, it remains to you the pleasure to do the things right that you are appreciated for.

How to start my own flower shop?

If you choose to open a flower shop and become a florist or a flower designer, you have to realize that it’s nice and easy for you to be surrounded by flowers and admire their elegance, their splendor, but, in the other hand, it’s a hard work, you need to become wise, to read a lot and be a good merchant. To trade in flowers is a retail like the others, more over that the flowers are perishables though they are precious and lovely.

For a flower shop, you need a small placement starting the business, which is not to difficult. More important to a beginner florist is to have an amount that assure him for a 6-7 months period, because the flower shop will not be a profitable business from the beginning.

Before starting this business you have to know some tips and tricks about plants, flowers, importing flowers, plants and accessories; you have to know how to buy or how to sell a flower, how to make a beautiful bouquet and a special flower arrangement. You need to know very much things about growing flowers and plants and how to make a floral arrangement, an arrangement which got to be different and special from other florists arrangements.

There are some steps you have to follow before starting a flower shop business and becoming a florist:

First step is to learn everything about flowers and plants, technical information, tips and tricks for prolonging the flower’s life and maintain their freshness. If you don’t have a big knowledge, don’t be scared, because the practice will learn you everything. You can gather good advices on the internet, from the local florists who wants to help you, or you can work for a few months in a flowers shop, which is most proper. This is not a very important step because when you will start your flower shop you will find that the practice is everything and you need to have a good sense.

Beside that, the florist or the floral entrepreneur has to follow some steps for an investment boom with a flower shop:

The place, as a position, is an essential factor for a successful business, especially for a flower shop. To take the right decision, you have to pay attention choosing the location for your flower shop and than you have to identify the appropriate factors for an optimum position (it has to be a main road or a free trade zone, however a place in front of which are passing a lot of people, who can visit and admire your flower shop and maybe buy a flower, or a bouquet or a flower arrangement). Than it’s about the flower shop, firstly, as a place were the florist is doing the bouquets and the flower arrangements and doing it best, secondly as a place special arranged for the flowers and the flower arrangements enjoy the best conditions of conserving and exhibiting.

The gears and the working materials, like the clippers or the trimmers, the stapler, the knife etc – you need them making a bouquet, particularly a flower arrangement, you have to know were can you buy from and warehouse them.

The suppliers – Who they are and were can you find them, in what terms can you collaborate with, how you pay for the flowers or the flower accessories. Find a good supplier, who can provide you fresh flowers, that you asked for and, especially, in time for you to satisfy your clients. For all that, the only solution is to ask more than one local florist or on the internet, I mean an old one, not a beginner florist.

The storehouse – You’ll know its placement (the best for a florist is the storehouse to be in the same place that the flower shop is), its capacity, proportion and the way that you can stow the working or vegetal materials. Is important for you to realize that benefit of storage is to conserve the flower and the flower accessories (the potherb, the branches, the bouquet decorations etc) and the gears until the usage, without their debased.

The clients – Estimate how they are and how many, what needs, requirements and exigencies they have respecting the flowers. If you know which is your flower shop target, you will take the best decision respecting the position of the flower shop.

The structure – is important the way that you organize things, that you coordinate the florist work, when and how you provide for.

Accounting department – you have to collaborate it.

The promptness – You have to move along the flower shop so that you avoid the flower loss and to work for increasing the proceeds.

Hygiene – maintain the hygiene in the flower shop so that the people appreciate it, assure that the florist enjoy the best conditions of work.

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[...]  A flower shop is the perfect place for flower and flower arrangement marketing and those who work here – florists, flower artisans or flower designers – can offer you qualified and useful pieces about flowers and carrying them. To choose the best place for your expectant flower shop business, we give some advices for you to follow, if want to. The most important for a flower shop business to be a profitable one is  the place as a position, like we said before, (it has to be a main road or a free trade zone, however a place in front of which are passing a lot of people, who can visit and admire your flower shop and maybe buy a flower, or a bouquet or a flower arrangement) and as a functional space, because the florist need the appropriate conditions to make high quality things.  A functional flower shop space has to be well proportioned, a corporate from doorway, shop window, selling space, working space, storehouse, social rooms. Our opinion is that you have not to dispense with one of those spaces. When you visit a possible space, you need to mind and distribute it in accordance with material conditions.  Also read: How to start my own flowershop business About florists    [...]

[...] How to start my flower shop business [...]

There are plenty of Flower Shops for sale and/or others thinking of closing. You can save a ton of money by purchasing a florist instead of starting one from scratch.

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