Morning glory arbor


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morning glory arbor

The morning-glory is a clambering plant, native of South America, with beautiful and fragile multicolor funnel-shaped flowers. These flowers always bloom at morning time, there comes their name. Also morning glory flowers have the capacity to self protect against the hot sunbeams.
This flower is cultivated on fences, wooden supports, or even as a hedge to hide or cover a not quite aesthetic wall or anything else. Also can be cultivated in voluminous pots into a terrace.

morning glory fence

To enjoy the morning glory summer arbor, plant the morning glory seeds directly into garden, or can pot the seeds and remove the morning glory sprig in early spring.
In a way or another, stick in soil, just behind the morning glory plant, a support or any kind of arbor or fence you like. Then wire the morning glory stem here and there so that the plant is growing over, following the direction that you give to it.

Morning glory plant needs a very rich in nutrients soil and loves the water especially when it’s very hot outside. But you have to avoid the watering of the full-blown flowers.

Prepare now the morning glory arbor and it will be your sunshade during the entire summer.

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